A Decisive Step in the Global Fight against African Swine Fever: Paraguay and Taiwan Join Forces

In a groundbreaking virtual meeting, technical representatives from Paraguay’s National Service of Quality and Health for Animals (SENACSA) and Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) have solidified an ambitious project that will be a milestone in the prevention and control of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Paraguay.

During the session, held on the official portal senacsa.gov.py, key strategies and actions were outlined for the implementation of the «Training Project on Diagnosis and Prevention of ASF in Paraguay.» This project, sponsored by Taiwan’s ICDF, aims to strengthen the capacities and skills of SENACSA professionals while disseminating crucial knowledge on ASF prevention, control, and detection.

Among the highlighted initiatives are planned technical visits by SENACSA officials to specialized institutions in Taiwan, a recognized powerhouse in effectively managing animal diseases. These visits will not only provide valuable practical knowledge but also foster international collaboration in the fight against ASF.

The training of SENACSA officials will be conducted by prominent Taiwanese experts who will share their advanced knowledge in the diagnosis and prevention of swine diseases. This direct exchange of experiences and cutting-edge techniques promises to significantly enhance SENACSA’s ability to address ASF effectively.

However, the scope of this project goes beyond offices and laboratories. Informative talks are planned for producers, students, and the general public. This comprehensive approach aims to raise awareness among Paraguayan society about the importance of prevention and biosecurity in the pig industry.

The project, slated to unfold throughout 2024, represents a joint commitment between Paraguay and Taiwan to combat a disease that has affected pig populations worldwide. By joining forces, both countries aspire not only to protect animal health but also to strengthen international cooperation in the realms of health and food safety.

This groundbreaking project not only stands as a beacon of hope for Paraguay’s pig industry but also underscores the significance of global collaboration in safeguarding animal health and food security in an interconnected world.