Paraguay Obtains Approval from Israeli Veterinary Services for Beef Exports, Unlocking Lucrative Market Opportunity.

In an official statement, the National Service of Quality and Animal Health of Paraguay has announced a significant milestone in the beef export sector. Today, the Veterinary and Animal Health Service of the State of Israel (IVSAH) has granted approval for the sanitary certificate proposed by SENACSA from Paraguay, thereby allowing the import of beef with bone from the South American country.

The approval of the sanitary certificate is the result of a rigorous homologation process, where SENACSA from Paraguay has demonstrated full compliance with all requirements set by IVSAH. This news marks a crucial milestone in the trade relations between both countries and opens the doors to new business opportunities for foreign investors.

The homologation process of the sanitary certification now paves the way for authorized frigoríficos in Paraguay to initiate the shipment of the first batches of beef with bone to Israel. This measure not only strengthens commercial ties between both nations but also represents a window of opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and explore emerging markets in the food sector.

Paraguayan beef has gained international recognition for its quality and sanitary standards, making it an attractive export product. This approval by IVSAH not only consolidates Paraguay’s position as a key player in the global beef market but also offers foreign investors the possibility to participate in a growing sector with significant profit potential.

SENACSA has assured that it will proactively inform stakeholders in Israel about this approval, undoubtedly generating increased interest from investors in exploring strategic partnerships and investment opportunities in the thriving Paraguayan beef market.

In summary, the approval of the sanitary certificate is a crucial step that opens new investment perspectives for those seeking to capitalize on the ongoing growth in the beef export sector in Paraguay. The focus of foreign investors is now on this South American country, which is emerging as a key player in the global food supply chain.

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