Paraguayan meat establishes a foothold in the U.S.

In a historic milestone for Paraguay, the first two containers of meat from the South American country have arrived in the United States through the port of Philadelphia, as confirmed by Dr. José Carlos Martín Camperchioli, president of the National Service of Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa), in a statement on his X account. This event marks Paraguay’s return to the export of red meat to the U.S. after a lapse of 25 years, solidifying its position as the 18th certified country to supply this product to the coveted premium destination.

Martín Camperchioli reported on his social media accounts that the shipment of the first two containers of Paraguayan meat, identified as MEDU9724801 and MEDU9761805, entered the United States through the port of Philadelphia. The official noted that the transit time from the port of Valparaíso, Chile, was 18 days.

Let’s recall that on December 20, 2023, the first shipment of 25.3 tons of boneless frozen cuts departed for the United States, sent by Frigomerc S.A., a company belonging to Minerva Foods. This joint achievement of the public and private sectors materialized after seven years of hard work and negotiations, marking a milestone 25 years after Paraguay’s last export of processed meat to the U.S.

On November 9, the United States officially notified the opening of its market, granting certification to Paraguay as the 18th authorized country to export meat to this premium destination.

The South American country now aims to send 800 tons starting from January 2024, with the ambition to reach 10,000 tons in the first year. In the initial phase, Paraguay will export meat intended for the processing of burgers and meatballs in the United States, but there is a vision of the opportunity to send premium meat in later stages.

Since December 14, the nine Paraguayan refrigeration plants authorized to export fresh beef (refrigerated or frozen) to the United States are Cooperativa Multiactiva Neuland Ltda. No. 1, Frigorífico Frigomerc S.A. No. 2, Matadero Frigorífico San Antonio No. 3, Frigorífico Guaraní S.A.C.I. No. 7, Frigochorti No. 9, Frigorífico Frigochaco No. 10, Frigorífico Norte S.A. No. 15, Frigorífico Belén No. 23, and Frigorífico Concepción S.A. No. 38.