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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

General Information

By the term «Website,» we refer to the domain Meatping.com and its subdomains. Registration on Meatping.com is not required to access our website or view the information or services provided on it. However, registration may be required to access differentiated services offered by our website.

While registration is not necessary for general access, connecting social media accounts may be required for participation in chats or comment boxes, in which case third-party services are used.

Purpose of the Meatping.com Website

The website aims to disseminate information about the meat market and the breeding of animals for consumption. Additionally, the website aims to offer users various products and/or services advertised by both Meatping.com and third parties.

Website Usage

The use of the website is the exclusive responsibility of the user. Users must use the website in accordance with its functionalities and authorized uses. Users agree to use the website in a manner that complies with Internet usage norms, laws, and regulations in their country, as well as good practices, human dignity, and the rights of third parties. Users commit to using services or content exclusively for personal use and not to exploit them commercially. Users do not have the right to place hyperlinks to or from the website without prior written authorization from Meatping.com. Users also do not have the right to restrict or prevent other users from using the website.

Accessing Meatping.com does not imply an obligation for the website administration to verify the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided. The content on this page is general and does not constitute the provision of any advisory service, legal or otherwise, in any field or specialty. Therefore, the information is insufficient for personal or business decision-making by the user.

Meatping.com is not responsible for decisions made based on the information provided on the website or for any potential damages incurred by the user or third parties due to actions solely based on information obtained from the Meatping.com site.

The information on Meatping.com may contain errors, omissions, and inaccuracies resulting from the drafting/editing process or the generation of content using artificial intelligence technology.

If you do not agree with this point, do not access our website.


When you visit our website, click on any hyperlink, or use one or more of our services, we may use an industrial technology called «cookies,» which stores certain information on your computer. This allows us to personalize your experience to align with your interests and preferences or simply facilitate your access to our services.

To use all the services provided by Meatping.com, enabling cookies is necessary. In no case will these elements serve to identify a specific person, as their use is purely technical, aiming to provide better service to users and enable advanced content creation.

Most browsers allow you to delete or block cookies from your computer or hard drive, or alert you when they are activated. Please refer to your browser’s instructions for assistance or to better understand its functions. However, note that blocking the use of these cookies from your browser may render the service unusable, preventing access to our website, or affecting the page’s functionality.

Meatping.com provides links for users who want to prevent the installation of cookies, links provided by browsers considered more widely used: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.

By the aforementioned, you also acknowledge and accept the use of cookies. If you do not agree with this point, do not access our website.

Automatic Data Collection and Third-Party Cookies

Meatping.com may collect certain information for the use of third-party services (Google Analytics, external advertisers, Facebook, Twitter, and others). For example, Meatping.com may collect information about the type of internet browser you use, the type of computer or operating system you use, your IP address, the speed of your connection, the domain name of your internet service provider, the geographic location from where you are accessing our services and/or the website or advertisement from which you connected to our website.

By the aforementioned, you also acknowledge and accept the use of third-party cookies (including, for example, those provided by advertising network operators and external service providers such as web traffic analysis services). You acknowledge that we have no control over the cookies that third parties collect when we allow advertising networks, external services, and other third-party services on the website.
If you do not agree with this point, do not access our website.


Meatping.com employs technology such as secure-socket-layer («SSL») to protect the transmission of information to the website. You can check the security of your connection by observing the address bar in your browser window. When you access an SSL-protected server, the initial characters of the address will change from «http» to «https.»

The Privacy Policy of Meatping.com does not extend to anything inherent in the operation of the Internet; therefore, it is beyond the control of Meatping.com.

If you do not agree with this point, do not access our website.

Links to Other Networks

Links to other networks are an integral part of Internet functionality, including our website. Any hyperlink with a URL from a domain other than Meatping.com in your browser’s address bar is a hyperlink to a page outside our service. This includes hyperlinks to our content providers in the service, affiliates, or hyperlinks to third parties linked to Meatping.com. These other networks may send their cookies to you, collect data, or request personal information. Meatping.com cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the content of other networks or pages. If you do not agree with this point, do not use the service or access our website.

Please note that every time you provide personal information to other networks or pages (e.g., via messages, chats, comment boxes), that information may be collected and/or used by people you do not know. While Meatping.com strives to protect its visitors, personal information, and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security or privacy of any information you disclose to other websites, and you do so at your own risk. You should learn, inform yourself, and familiarize yourself with the privacy and security practices and policies of websites external to Meatping.com before providing them with your personal data.

Special Note for International Users

The service is located on servers in the United States of America. If you access the service from the European Union (EU), Asia, or any other region with laws regulating the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information different from the laws of the country where the servers are located, note that you are transferring your personal data to the United States of America, where data protection laws may not be the same as those of the EU or other regions, and by providing us with your data, you consent to:

  • The use of your personal data for the purposes identified above in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • The transfer of your personal data to the United States of America as indicated above.


Meatping.com reserves the right to unilaterally modify, without prior notice or communication to users, these «Terms and Conditions of Use / Privacy Policy,» as well as the design, presentation, or configuration of the website, without generating any right to claim or compensation for users.