The Meat Complex’s Million-Dollar Infusion into the National Economy: Paraguay Shines in 2023 Exports

Paraguay, an undisputed player on the global meat stage, dazzles by recording the export of a colossal volume of 619,162 tons of animal products, translating into a staggering income of $2 billion in foreign currency during 2023. While this figure reflects a slight contraction of 8.9% compared to the previous year, which reached the mark of $2.197 billion, a careful examination by the National Service of Quality and Animal Health reveals that the exported volume also experienced a moderate decrease of 1.7%.

Breaking down the contributions, the beef sector, with its supply of meat and offal, led the way with $1.596 billion, closely followed by poultry, composed of meat, offal, and by-products, generating a respectable figure of $12.899 billion. The pork industry, an emerging protagonist, made its mark with an impressive contribution of $19.175 billion.

A more detailed analysis highlights nuanced trends in each segment. Beef exports experienced a contraction of 12.5% in terms of revenue and a 5% reduction in the exported volume, in stark contrast to the poultry sector, which exhibited robust growth of 23.3% in revenue and an impressive 46.6% in volume. The pork industry, in a surprising surge, showed a staggering increase of 570.4% in revenue and an astonishing 541.9% in the exported volume.

Shifting the focus to the realm of by-products, those derived from animals and intended for consumption, such as dairy, intestines, thermoprocessed products, and other edibles, reported a substantial income of $1.422 billion from 31,664 tons, channeled to 28 global markets. Simultaneously, non-edible by-products emerged as significant financial players, accumulating $229.642 million from the export of 193,930 tons to 28 countries.

The livestock sector faced various challenges in 2023, including a decrease in livestock, reduced processing, falling prices, and uncertainties in international markets, factors that influenced the economic dynamics of the year. Despite these obstacles, producers remain optimistic, envisioning more encouraging results for the coming year. As Paraguay’s meat industry evolves, global markets keenly observe its adaptability and resilience in an ever-changing economic landscape.»